Thursday, April 26, 2001

Conducent Inc. has decided to terminate their business operations. Their announcement states in part,

Due to challenging market conditions in the advertising area, Conducent has made the difficult decision to close its business operations. The process of shutting down our network services has already begun and will be completed over a period of several weeks. During that time, we are committed to conducting the shutdown in a responsible and efficient manner and assuring that our termination of services has as little impact as possible on you and your users.

Conducent provided Caliban Computing with the technology that served the banner ads that appeared in Caliban Mailer. In return for showing these ads, Conducent agreed to pay Caliban Computing an amount based on the number of ads presented and clicked by the user. This scheme allowed Caliban Computing to modify Caliban Mailer to operate in 'sponsored mode', and provide it free of charge to the user. It also helped to reduce Caliban Computing's administrative overhead related to managing user registration. Now that Conducent is closing, this will change.
As of version 1.20.1, Caliban Mailer will no longer contain Conducent technology, and banner ads will not be shown. If you currently use an earlier version of Caliban Mailer, you should uninstall it completely (click "yes to all" if prompted to remove shared files), and install the new version. (For best results, we recommend that you use the "full" installation pack.) This process will remove all of the Conducent support files from your computer, including the saved banner ad folder and the files formerly used to communicate with the Conducent servers. 
Henceforth, Caliban Mailer will be "standard" shareware. Note that shareware doesn't mean freeware. You will be able to try out Caliban Mailer for thirty days to determine if it meets your requirements. At the end of the trial period, you must either purchase Caliban Mailer or stop using it and remove it from your system. You can obtain a registration number (or 'PIN') by registering Caliban Mailer for $25.00 (US).
For currently registered users, it will be business as usual. The PIN you received when you registered modified Caliban Mailer so that the ads did not appear. You will need the same PIN number to register the new version, to prevent it from 'expiring'.
If you were satisfied using Caliban Mailer in sponsored mode, and cannot afford the registration fee, please contact us. We are always willing to make arrangements with registered charities and non-profit organizations.

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